About Us

During the holiday season, Dec. 2018, 2 friends decide to step out of corporate careers. A change was called for and the need to explore was backed by the belief there is more to life. Evenings came as a gift with tea stories and conversations by the lake. While soaking the sunset and sipping on cranberry tea, the idea of expressions on apparels and flaunting those beliefs, ideas, hobbies or even sarcasm, expressing relationships ... these thoughts started us on the Shopsster journey. The seed of the idea began with us being able to express how we actually felt working in the corporate while we had to maintain the professional outlook. So, thanks to the everyone who made us feel the way we did. From there on, there was no stopping us.

Shopsster presents fashion with everyday expressions of love, life and passion. Collaborating on ideas, our team of artists bring on refreshing experiences. Take your pick and flaunt them on, wear it with pride, wear "you".

Also, fueling those gifting ideas, this is a shopping destination that will grow on you. Join the Shopsster Club today, subscribe to our newsletter. Never miss out on great deals and exciting offers.

Our customers inspire us and mean the world to us, your support makes all the difference. Quality, fast shipping and timely service is what we strive for while building great relationships.

Do share your experiences and tell us any custom requirements you're looking for. We are listening. You can reach us here: support@shopsster.com.

Team Shopsster wishes you a wonderful day and a great shopping experience!