Covid-19 Prevention

While we closely monitor the situation, precautionary measures & safety protocols are of utmost priority, this will impact delivery and a slowdown is inevitable. We would like to keep you informed on how we plan to manage things at our end.


Production is currently on-going; we assess the capacity requirements consistently; fulfillment centers do not operate in highly affected areas. We are adhering to the public health guidelines and wherever feasible for employees to work from home, the same is being followed. Employees who work on-site are strongly encouraged to stay home if they feel sick. For hygiene purposes, the cleaning schedules are more frequent, additional safety checkpoints adhered to at the fulfillment centers.


With the current stock availability, we do not see any significant issues for the products & styles we offer. We have also identified areas from where we 'do not want to' source any stock at this point and have also networked with suppliers with whom we will coordinate in case of any upcoming shortages.


There are shipping delays observed worldwide as movement of goods is becoming a challenge with countries sealing off their borders and passenger flights now limited as well. These changes do not affect Cargo, but lesser passenger flights also means fewer transit options for shipments; most carriers are relying on ground transport and are limiting their own deliveries.


We are following the best hygiene standards and fulfilling your orders with utmost care. Shipments may delay by 2-3 days with additional checkpoints for safety and hygiene.


Best Regards,

Team Shopsster wishes health & safety to you and your near and dear ones. Spread the Calm, Be the Calm!