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I am Leo

$18.99 $29.99

DESCRIPTION:  Elegant designing, professional printing on heavy cotton fabric. The classic make & ultimate comfort these styles offer, will mark them as your favorite.

SHIPPING:  Orders are printed in 2 business days and sent out for delivery.


Within United States, we've 2 shipping options: (a) Standard 9-10 business days  (b) Premium 5 days. Printed & processed in U.S.A.


Within U.K. & Europe, we've 1 shipping option: (a) Standard 12-15 business days. Printed & processed in U.K.


For Canada, Australia & New Zealand, we've 1 shipping option: (a) Standard 15-18 business days.


SIZE CHARTS:  Measurements in "inches"


HYGIENE STANDARDS:  Precautionary measures & safety protocols are high priority. There are additional checkpoints at our Facilities and extensive checks at the airports. Currently, 90% orders are fulfilled on time.


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